The NJCSA presents testimony concerning public education and issues important to charter schools before relevant public bodies including the New Jersey Legislature and the New Jersey Department of Education. You can find our recent testimony here. Click on a title to read the full testimony.

  • Testimony by Carlos Perez before the Assembly Budget Committee, April 9, 2013

    The NJCSA appreciates the continued support we have received from the Christie Administration and this Legislature and looks forward to working with both the Executive and Legislative branches on comprehensive and meaningful public charter school reform in the coming months.

    In terms of the proposed FY 2014 budget, the NJCSA is aware of the current fiscal situation of the state. While the...

  • Testimony by Carlos Perez before the Assembly Education Committee, February 2, 2012

    Stated simply, the NJ Charter Schools Association’s position on A1877 remains the same as it was last session, we oppose the bill. In fact, as a result of the amendments added to this bill last session we oppose the bill even more. The current version of the bill would not only require a voter referendum for new public charter applications, it now would require a voter referendum for the expansion...

  • Testimony by Donna Siminski before the Senate Budget Committee on A2806/S1858, August 22, 2011

    Today, over 23,000 children have the opportunity to attend charter schools for their public education. Charter school students are thriving. We support this bill because it increases the opportunities for significantly more students in NJ to received quality public education.

    This legislation’s criteria of selecting high-performing, nonpublic schools located in failing districts allows...