The Barack Obama Green Charter High School Celebrates Earth Day 2017

PLAINFIELD — APRIL 22, 2017 — The Barack Obama Green Charter High School Green Team spent the spring semester focusing on Earth Week.  They put together school-wide activities centered on the theme of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Early in the week all students participated in classroom-based activities that integrated literature on environmental issues into the curriculum.  On Thursday the entire school viewed the Story of Stuff documentary and engaged in discussions regarding their personal use of items, the resources that items use in production, and the end-of-life of these everyday items.  Students left with an awareness of the environmental impacts of our consumer culture.

On Friday each Green Team member had prepared an activity that re-purposed a common item.  The student-body was broken up into groups and were taught by their fellow students.  Some of these activities included art from re-purposed paper, planting seeds in re-purposed plastic bottles, making bird feeders from a variety of re-purposed containers, homemade board games using found items such as cardboard and bottle caps, and making solar ovens from used pizza boxes.  Additionally, one group created a recycling station in each classroom to improve our recycling efforts.

For photos and updates from the project check out their link here.

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