A Practical Guide to the Proposed Charter Regulations

If news coverage about the proposed public charter school regulations has your head spinning, here’s a breakdown that simplifies what you might be hearing, what the regs will actually accomplish, and how it impacts kids.

A Practical Guide to the Proposed Charter Regulations

Charter Schools Can Serve Special Education Students Better with Self-Paced, Personalized Learning

As many charter schools re-open this week to staff and students for professional development and extended learning programs, it’s important to remind ourselves of the many different types of learners that walk into the classrooms each day.

Sajan George, CEO of Matchbook Learning, weighs in on how all students, but especially those with special learning needs, are able to perform academically...

With Number of Failing Schools Growing Nationally, Charter-led School Turnaround Movement Offers Hope

By Sajan George, CEO & Founder of Matchbook Learning

With the number of failing schools in the United States growing rapidly each year – some estimates indicating as many as 20,000 nationwide – our education system faces new and significant challenges. Even as states like New Jersey strive to develop new concepts, there is no national consensus on how to turn around these failing...