Engaging the Disengaged, Number Five

Strength Based Teaching

[W]hat would happen if teachers were as vigilant about looking for signs of brilliance as they are in finding the mistakes: What if teachers went on the hunt for strengths before spotting the deficiencies? What if we switched the deficiency model that too often reigns in classrooms to the...

Engaging the Disengaged, Number Four

How do we engage a diverse group of adolescents? Individualized Daily Reading (IDR), that’s how!

In 2010 I was given a class that included the four unique students described below along with eleven other struggling readers. The mission was to catch these students up in four half-hour sessions per week. While not all caught up, the average grew two years as documented by our assessments....

Engaging the Disengaged, Number Three

How do we engage students who are well below grade-level in reading and help them catch up quickly?

The new Common Core State Reading Standard 10 states that students should read and comprehend complex literary and informational text independently and proficiently (within the appropriate text complexity band).

As teachers, we know we must send students on to high school, college,...