Engaging the Disengaged, Number Three

How do we engage students who are well below grade-level in reading and help them catch up quickly?

The new Common Core State Reading Standard 10 states that students should read and comprehend complex literary and informational text independently and proficiently (within the appropriate text complexity band).

As teachers, we know we must send students on to high school, college,...

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What Would You Do With $500? Apply for an Association of American Educators Scholarship or Grant Today

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Engaging the Disengaged, Number Two

The Power of Why

Many of my husband’s classes as a high school student began with the same daily fuss:

History Teacher: Rex, get your history text book out.
Rex: But why?

Math Teacher: Rex, do the problems on the board NOW!
Rex: But why?

English Teacher: Rex, pay attention!
Rex: But why?

Although the rest of the class loved the distractions...