Operating a charter school has both challenges and rewards. We can provide assistance to charter schools in any stage of operation, whether you’re in the first-year, going through renewal, planning to replicate/expand, or are an experienced school that’s wondering “what’s next”! Following is a list of basic elements that we offer to operating schools:


The Association offers membership to charter schools currently operating in New Jersey, as well as founding groups who are submitting an application to open a charter school in the future.


We consistently advocate for the specific interests that directly affect the entire New Jersey charter school community, and can provide training to ensure your school’s local community is communicating the facts that support the charter school message.


NJCSA identifies & applies for public and private grants that are specifically allocated for helping charter schools develop and/or implement educational programs, enhance their operations, or improve their staff professional development. Grant distributions are often restricted to our member schools. Recent grant opportunities include the ARTer Charters program, in which schools could apply for and receive money for implementing an arts education program in their school. For more information, contact us.


NJCSA provides a wide variety of services and resources for operators of high-quality charter schools. Most of these services are available only to our members.


NJCSA offers high-quality events to the charter school community, such as trainings and worskhops, as well as the statewide annual conference for charter school teachers, administrators, founders and vendors.

Vendors and Suppliers

Our Associate Members provide services and products to help charter schools formulate, operate and educate!