Charter Renewal Services

NJCSA provides consulting assistance to charter schools that are preparing for their renewal. This preparation is best initiated at least a full year before the renewal application is due. Each of our renewal engagements is tailored to the school’s specific requirements and utilizes the most current renewal process information available from the New Jersey Department of Education.

Our renewal service can include the following elements:

  • Definition of Renewal Support Requirements:
    NJCSA consults with the school to establish specific deliverables that are customized to the school’s needs.
  • Mock Renewal Interviews:
    NJCSA helps stakeholders prepare for the DOE renewal interviews by conducting “mock” interviews, using the DOE’s interview questions and response criteria, and provides feedback regarding stakeholder responses.
  • Classroom Visits and Feedback:
    NJCSA visits all classrooms and provides feedback regarding instructional practice, student performance and behavior, school climate, and use of time.
  • Data Analysis:
    NJCSA analyzes the school’s student state testing results and other metrics related to the Charter School Performance Framework and identifies strengths and weaknesses.
  • Renewal Application Review:
    NJCSA reviews and provides feedback on the school’s renewal application as it is being developed by the school.
  • Special Education Review:
    NJCSA conducts a high-level review of the school’s special education practices, records, and outcomes, and provides feedback as needed. This review focuses on those items likely to receive attention during the renewal process.

NJCSA Members receive a discount on these consulting services. All engagements are developed based on an initial telephone call to determine scope and needs. To start the conversation, please contact Rick Presser, Director of Schools Services, at 609-989-9700, 4411 or email