SchooLens Dashboard

Introducing SchooLens — A Solution to Your Data Analytics and Reporting Needs


NJCSA is pleased to present SchooLens — a robust and functional data dashboard about New Jersey’s charter schools, designed to enhance a school’s ability to perform quick, powerful, in-depth analysis of its state performance and demographic data. The only interactive data dashboard of its kind in New Jersey, SchooLens allows schools to:

  • measure standardized test scores against the Charter School Performance Framework (the basis for charter school renewals);
  • compare itself with any other public school (traditional or charter), as well as with districts or customized collections of schools;
  • report performance and demographic school data in an easy-to-read infographic; and,
  • easily output charts and reports as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets available for download.

Developed especially for charter school administrators to report on their school’s performance to multiple stakeholders, SchooLens:

  • quickly and accurately answers key questions from members of the media;
  • explains data concisely to board trustees without pages and pages of spreadsheets;
  • provides relevant data to potential and current parents in an understandable manner; and,
  • compiles data that may be required by lenders or grantors.

SchooLens can calculate your school’s performance data in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take for personnel or consultants to synthesize the data publicly available through NJDOE. NJCSA members receive a discounted annual subscription for SchooLens.


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SchooLens has a clean and easy-to-read interface that shows your school’s data in no uncertain terms. These screenshots show a sample of what you’ll be able to see when you become a SchooLens subscriber for your school.


PARCC Data Portal
View your school’s PARCC data with toggle-able comparison populations and the ability to compare your school against any other school or district statewide.



Student Growth Breakdown
See the State’s median Student Growth Percentile (mSGP) broken down in ways that provide new insights into this little-understood metric.



Demographic Breakdown
This tab displays all available demographic data for your school, your district and the state, in an interactive dashboard. Easily toggle between economic, ethnicity or special education populations with the click of a button.



Relative Performance
Experience your school’s data relative to all schools in New Jersey. Local comparisons provide much of the context necessary to understand your school’s data, but viewing your school’s results relative to all public schools helps you understand exactly how your school fits into New Jersey’s public school system.


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