Tafshier Cosby-Thomas (Parent)

KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy – Newark, NJ

One of my children attended KIPP Newark Charter Schools – KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy (KIPP NCA) and Newark Collegiate Academy – starting in 2011 as a fifth grader. I chose KIPP RISE and NCA because we were committed to enrolling our son in a community school, but the traditional district public school was not working for him. Our was eventually diagnosed with ADD and needed a strong curriculum and more structure.
We found that KIPP RISE and NCA had strong leaders and learned that students at the charter school performed better academically. When we enrolled our son at KIPP, we found that the school was able to be more innovative with its curriculum and tailor it to the needs of students like our son. In addition to being a safe school within our community, KIPP NCA allowed us to be engaged parents and treated everyone like family. Leadership supported and devoted resources to parent involvement and developed parent partnership teams. The school understands and respects the important role parents play in their child’s education.