Because every child in the state of New Jersey should have the opportunity to attend a high-quality public school that best meets their needs and helps them reach their full potential. We must support schools that serve the unique needs of NJ’s children regardless of type of public school – public charter, magnet, vocational or traditional district.

Your Voice Matters

Every voice matters – students, families, teachers, school staff, leaders, supporters – and everyone has a story to share that could help us be successful in our advocacy on behalf of public school students and public charter schools.

Together We Work Towards

Our goal is to create the right policy conditions that allow for greater educational opportunities for all children. We do this together by ensuring public school students and public charter schools are treated fairly with:

Fair Per Pupil Funding

Every child in New Jersey deserves to go to a school that is funded equitably so that all public school students are treated the same regardless of school model.

Equitable Facilities Funding

Every child in New Jersey deserves to go to a school in a safe, clean and welcoming school building, particularly students in high-need districts.

Flexibility and Autonomy

Charter schools should be empowered to be creative in meeting student needs with operational autonomy and freedom from overly burdensome regulation.

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