LAN vs. State of NJ

Meet the Intervenors

The New Jersey Charter Schools Association alongside a member charter school and a group of charter school parents has filed a motion to intervene in Latino Action Network v. State of New Jersey​.


Ana Maria De La Roche Araque (Parent)

Hatikvah International Academy Charter School


Diane Gutierrez (Parent)

Foundation Academy Charter School


Tafshier Cosby-Thomas (Parent)

KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy


BelovED Community Charter School

Charter school located in Jersey City, NJ

Why Intervene?

The lawsuit claims that the State of New Jersey is responsible for addressing school segregation and seeks remedies to address that problem. The plaintiffs include the Latino Action Network, NAACP New Jersey, Urban League of Essex County, The United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey and parents and students.

The plaintiffs inexplicably accuse charter schools of being part of the school segregation problem in New Jersey. They cite data that notes that charter schools serve a disproportionate number of Black and Latino students in New Jersey without noting that most charter schools operate in urban districts with a large majority of Black and Latino students. Charter school students look very much the same as students in their cities and towns.

The Solution

The intervenors strongly disagree with the plaintiffs when they accuse public charter schools of being part of the school segregation problem in New Jersey. New Jersey public charter schools are part of the solution, not the problem. They are actually providing a remedy to school segregation. Unlike most traditional public schools, New Jersey’s charter schools are permitted to serve children across municipal boundaries, allowing them to break down barriers of race and zip code. This has led to the creation of many intentionally diverse charter schools. In fact, three of the most diverse schools in the state are charter schools. Underscoring our ongoing commitment to this work, NJCSA will continue its partnership with the Diverse Charter Schools Coalition to support more diverse-by-design schools in New Jersey through effective research, advocacy, and outreach.