Latino Action Network v. State of New Jersey

What is the case all about?

Although New Jersey is a very diverse state, the complaint notes that New Jersey operates one of the most segregated public school systems in the nation. The lawsuit claims that the State of New Jersey (via the Governor and Commissioner of Education) is responsible for addressing school segregation and seeks remedies to address that problem. Plaintiffs are seeking broad, statewide relief to integrate the public school system.

Why did the New Jersey charter community intervene?

New Jersey charter school parents, Beloved Community Charter School and NJPCSA intervened for two reasons. First, to respond to inaccurate allegations and make clear that charter schools are not exacerbating segregation in New Jersey’s public schools, and second, to offer concrete, tangible solutions to address the lack of diversity in our public school system. Unlike most traditional public schools, New Jersey’s charter schools are permitted to serve children across municipal boundaries, allowing them to break down barriers of race and zip code. This has led to the creation of many intentionally diverse charter schools. In fact, three of the most diverse schools in the state are charter schools. We need more charter schools in New Jersey, not less.

Public Charter Schools, Families, Leaders Intervene Into School Desegregation Lawsuit

A group of New Jersey public charter school parents, schools, and the state charter schools association filed a motion to intervene in Latino Action Network v. State of New Jersey, a lawsuit filed in May 2018.

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Meet the Intervenors

The New Jersey Public Charter Schools Association alongside a member charter school and a group of charter school parents are intervenors in the landmark Latino Action Network v. State of New Jersey desegregation case.