Julia Sass Rubin is Out of Touch

Diane Gutierrez, a mom of two at Foundations Academy in Trenton, addresses Julia Sass Rubin’s comments about parents in “abject poverty” from the Star-Ledger article. 

The commentary in a recent Star-Ledger article from Julia Sass Rubin is quite offensive. Her remarks are out of touch with our community and showcase the privilege of being an educator...

Rubin’s Inaccurate Depictions create additional barriers for urban families

In response to last week’s Star-Ledger article, parents are speaking out against Julia Sass Rubin’s remarks that poor families “don’t have the bandwidth to even evaluate charters.”...

In the charter school debate, some knowledge can be useful: Opinion

Guest post by Chrystal Williams

Who is Julia Sass Rubin and what does she have against my kids?