Shanna Morgan

Shanna is a seasoned professional in social impact marketing and public relations, dedicated to creating meaningful change through her work with nonprofit organizations. With a Bachelor’s degree in English from Rutgers University and specialized certifications in Media Relations and Women’s Entrepreneurship, Shanna has honed a unique skill set that blends creative communication with a deep understanding of social dynamics.

Throughout her career, Shanna has been instrumental in developing impactful marketing strategies and fostering public relations initiatives that resonate with diverse audiences. Her expertise lies in crafting narratives that not only inform but also inspire action towards social good.

Residing in South Jersey, Shanna balances her professional pursuits with a rich family life as the wife of Bobby and the proud mother of Shane and Giselle. She is an avid reader with a particular fondness for dystopian novels, offering her a creative escape and a source of inspiration. Her personal and professional lives are a testament to her belief in the power of words and the importance of social impact.

Contact Shanna at [email protected] or 609-283-2305.